Discover how Epicbrief can help you craft better client relationships with AI.

Epicbrief helps companies craft stronger client processes, ensuring that communication between internal teams and clients is more consistent and efficient through automation. With increased visibility and high-quality data flowing up to managers, the tool is designed to benefit across teams and seniority. Essentially, Epicbrief makes life easier for everyone.


How EpicBrief works


From sales calls to weekly stand-ups. These are all the communication touchpoints in your client relationship.

This information is automatically fed into the Epicbrief tool and a word-for-word transcript of the conversation is formed: ready for analysis and actions.

Video Calls

Epicbrief creates an automatic transcript for every video call you take with your clients; creating a full-proof record of your interaction and cutting out subjective note-taking.


Epicbrief integrates with Salesforce, evaluating lead data as well as the client’s current status in the sales pipeline.


Epicbrief has the ability to sweep Linkedin for company details: including size, market, and the role of the client representative you’re meeting with.

Public Information

Epicbrief scans online news and information sources for details on your specific client, their wider industry, and possible case-studies for reference.


This is where the magic happens. All of your client interactions and external information are fed into EpicBrief and automatically transformed into a series of useful actions.

Think insights, CRM updates, follow-up emails, and more. All automated.

Meeting Prep

Epicbrief generates a comprehensive meeting prep for your team’s benefit: including a summary of what has been previously discussed, suggestions for questions to help engage your client, insights about their role and company, as well as pre-emptive solutions to potential objections/issues they may raise.

Call Debriefs

Epicbrief creates a word-for-word transcript for each client call, meaning you don’t have to worry about subjective note-taking ever again. The tool then takes this transcript and immediately crafts a debrief after the call has ended. This includes everything from actions, to insights, and even client reactions.

Follow-up Emails

Epicbrief makes typing out laborious follow-up emails a thing of the past by generating a comprehensive and ready-to-send draft immediately post-call. Unlike many of the other AI tools out there, Epicbrief further tailors the tone-of-voice of each email to the specific client based a series of customisable preferences.

Opportunity Analysis

Epicbrief is designed to not only automate processes, but streamline decision-making for you and your teams. The Qualification and Opportunity Analysis tools provide up-to-date insights into potential risks, opportunities, and other metrics that help you make more informed decisions.


These are all the ways Epicbrief makes life easier for you and your teams.

With all of these time-consuming processes and actions automated, your company benefits in countless ways.


Epicbrief is proven to increase efficiency for teams across a wide-range of industries by automating all of the time-consuming processes that clog up your client workflows. With less time spent on follow-up emails, CRM updates, and more: your team is able to increase efficiency without sacrificing on quality.


Epicbrief is designed for better consistency in every step of your client process. By automating many of the menial and often time-consuming processes that are required for strong client relationships: Epicbrief helps your teams achieve better consistency in the long-run.

Data Quality

Epicbrief removes human error from the equation. With AI-generated transcripts and insights: managers no longer have to worry about inconsistent note-taking, flawed recollections, or general visibility within their teams. Comprehensive and accurate records of client interactions are always just a few clicks away.


Epicbrief helps take the load off you and your team. Across industries with some of the highest turnover and burnout rates around: Epicbrief decreases the stress associated with client relationship management. In streamlining your team’s workload, we’re making life easier for everyone.

Don't sweat the tech.

Rather than needing a bunch of different tools for each individual action, Epicbrief becomes your one-stop shop for epic client relationships. Seamlessly integrating with your existing platforms and workflows: the tool is designed to make life easier for you and your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use?

Epicbrief is GDPR compliant and carries SOC 2 Type I and ISO21001 security certifications.

Who is Epicbrief for?

If you deal with clients, Epicbrief is for you. Operators across a range of industries use Epicbrief in their everyday client relationships. Recruitment, legal services, consultancy, and much, much more.

Is it easy to use Epicbrief?

EpicBrief is designed by humans, for humans. Take a product tour to discover just how easy client relationships can be.

Is it expensive?

EpicBrief offers competitive rates to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Book a call and learn more about our pricing.

How do I get started?

Still looking for answers?

You can email the Epicbrief team with any other questions that you may have and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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